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Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Manual Bolting tools

Hydraulic wrenches designed to outlast the competition and perform under rigorous conditions, our hydraulic and pneumatic tooling is second to none.

Heavy Duty Impacts sockets Standard and castelated

Impact sockets from 3/4" Drive to 3.1/2" Drive. No5 Spline Drive also available. Sockets sizes up to 9.1/4" (235mm) across the flats. Castellated sockets for turbines.

Specialized tooling for specific industries and applications

Specialized lifting equipment and torque tooling covering all industries and trades. Providing industrial equipment from industry leaders worldwide.

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When you need that extra edge

Razor Torque Series

The RT Series, in the world of bolting, gets the job done in the tightest of spaces. Its design, from a mechanical stand point has been redesigned to be more compact, better sealed with better circulation, more ductile and boasting a design which increases efficiency in performing services therefore keeping the tool working longer. So with all these tried and tested updates, we provide you with a lighter, faster and more serviceable unit which leaves you knowing you have trust in a product made in North America.

VX Series Pneumatic Torque wrench

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The preferred method to achieve a required torque with less manpower. The VX Range of Pneumatic Torque Wrenches offer reliability for torqueing and un-torqueing heavy duty nuts and bolts. Where speed, power and accuracy is needed, the VX Series delivers.